Stachio Williams
Constituency #5

My Contract with the people of Constituency #5

When we say “SP weh de best be”, we mean it. But for too long we have been let down by lazy representation who doesn’t show up when needed. We deserve a local champion who wants to deliver for you and is accountable to you.

Born to a struggling family in Sandy Point, I have set up two successful businesses, created dozens of local jobs, trained young people and helped run Scouts and SPIRIT. I have a vision for a secure future for our community where everyone can fulfil their potential.

My contract with you is very clear and is deliverable:

  • My contract with you will grow our economy: by giving our entrepreneurs a strong voice with a business association and supporting businesses to grow with mentoring and access to finance.
  • My contract with you will protect the people: by establishing social programmes aimed at eradicating poverty, enhancing and protecting the peace and upgrading Pogson medical facility.
  • My contract with you will create more local jobs: by constructing a solar farm for reliable and cheaper power in Sandy Point, setting up a commercial park in High Point for shops and businesses and constructing a fishing facility in Fig Tree.

I can deliver on this contract because, under the national economic leadership of Dr. Timothy Harris, the PLP has proven that we can secure the economy under any circumstances. With a global recession predicted, we can’t afford lazy representation that doesn’t show up. There is too much at stake,

On August 5 vote for a secure future. Vote for Stachio Williams in Constituency 5.