Nubian Greaux
Constituency #2  

My Contract with the people of Constituency #2

I’m proud of our community. Proud to live here, proud to work here. But for too long we have suffered from lazy and absent representation. Our community should be much better. I will be the first representative to actually live here. I have raised my family here, created jobs here, run football clubs here and worked hard to sustain the peace here.

As your representative, I want to work for you. I want to be deliver for you and be accountable to you. That is why I have signed this contract for you, so you can hold me to my word to deliver a secure future.

  • My contract with you will grow our economy: by ensuring local engineers, contractors and heavy vehicle operators are fully involved in key projects. As an engineering contractor I know the challenges you face and I will fight for your involvement in projects.
  • My contract with you will protect the people: by constructing apartment buildings so that every young person can own a home, protecting the Peace Programme and enhancing it with skills training so that our youths can give back to our community.
  • My contract with you will create more local jobs: by encouraging local businesses to hire from within the constituency, fighting for targeted help for each job creating business, training our young people with the real skills they need to get a job, revitalising the agricultural sector and exploring new opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Unlike others, I can deliver on these plans because the PLP, under the economic leadership of Dr. Timothy Harris, has proven we can secure the economy under any circumstances. I live with you, and as your representative I will never be absent. My office will remain open 5 days a week so that you can get the help you need.

With rising global uncertainty, we need a representative who is committed to delivering for the people, not absent representation or inexperienced and lazy leaders.

On August 5th vote for a secure future. Vote for my plan. Vote for Nubian Greaux.