Kendale Liburd
Constituency #4

My Contract with the people of Constituency #4

You deserve a representative who will deliver a secure future for our community. You deserve someone who will keep their word and is accountable to you.

That’s why I have signed this contract to deliver the secure future you deserve and restore number 4. I know our community because I live here, I walk our streets, go to our schools, play on our fields, support our local businesses and work in our community. My contract with you is very clear and is deliverable:

  • My contract with you will grow our economy: with a centre for craft and tourism businesses in Wingfield Heights, provide tools and funding for our farmers across the constituency, and a fuel facility for fisher folks using the Old Road Fisheries.
  • My contract with you will protect the people: with at least 100 new homes in Challengers, Verchilds and Conyers, new sports leagues, a redeveloped Old Road Health Centre with 24 hour service
  • My contract with you will create more local jobs: with a constituency wide employment programme, a learning resource centre in Old Road, and a long-term plan to transform education and opportunities in number 4; including upgrading our daycares, the nurseries in Old Road, Verchilds & Middle Island, and the Tyrrell Williams Primary & Verchild High School.

I can deliver on this contract because the PLP and Dr. Timothy Harris have proven we can secure the economy under any circumstances. With a global recession predicted, we can’t afford absent and lazy representatives, there is too much at stake.

Together we must and we will restore Constituency 4 and deliver a secure future for all. On August 5 vote for Kendale Liburd in Constituency 4.