Jacqueline Bryan
Constituency #1  

My Contract with the people of Constituency #1

Our community deserves a representative who will deliver a secure future for all of us. I grew up here in Constituency 1 and have always believed in community work and in giving back. I am proud to be supporting a reading programme at Tucker Clarke Primary, paying for children to see the doctor and buying groceries for single mothers.

With your support, together, we can deliver so much more for our community. This is my home and if you elect me, I will be answerable to you and accountable to you. That is why I have signed my contract with you.

This is my personal commitment that I will deliver on my plans to grow our local economy, protect our people and create more jobs. This contract is your copy of my plans to deliver a secure future in Constituency 1.

  • My contract with you will grow our economy: by constructing a new food market with proper facilities, supporting local businesses by offering advice on how to write business plans and finding access to start-up loans.
  • My contract with you will protect the people: by developing an elderly day centre where loved ones can be cared for during the day, expanding the services offered at the Newtown Health Centre, re-establishing the General Sports Club and setting up a network of lawyers who will provide free legal advice.
  • My contract with you will create more local jobs: by building more homes and improving infrastructure, as well as upgrading the facilities for netball, tennis, baseball, cricket and basketball.

I can deliver on this contract because the PLP, under the economic leadership of Dr. Timothy Harris, has proven we can secure the economy under any circumstances. With a global recession predicted, we can’t afford to risk our future with inexperienced or absent leadership. We have to move forward. On August 5th vote for Jacqueline Bryan in Constituency 1. Jacqueline and the saw are who you’re voting for