Dr. Marc Williams
Constituency #6

My Contract with the people of Constituency #6

For too long our community has had the same representation and nothing has been delivered. Its time for a fresh start. It is time that our community got the services and attention we deserve. We cannot afford another five years of being forgotten.

You deserve representation that wants to deliver for you, that is accountable to you. That’s why I have signed my contract with you to deliver a secure future for our community. We deserve better. I’m not a man of talk, I just get on with the job.

  • My contract with you will grow our economy: with a new commercial space in Saddlers for businesses to start up, new fisheries facilities in Dieppe Bay and a bus terminal in the north of the island to help people get to work.
  • My contract with you will protect the people: with a new health centre in Newton Ground, new coastal protections across the constituency and more housing so people have somewhere safe and secure to live.
  • My contract with you will create more local jobs: with a training centre in St Pauls to help people get the skills they need, more support for farmers and fishers so they can create jobs and more Government services based here in number 6.

I can deliver my contract to you because I am part of Dr. Timothy Harris’ team that can provide the economic leadership we need. Now is not the time for lazy or absent representation here in our community. There is too much at stake.

Join me. Let’s work together to deliver a secure future for constituency Constituency 6. On August 5th vote for Marc Williams as your next representative for constituency Constituency 6.