Our Contract with the People of
St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis can have a safe and secure future. We have the chance to leave our children a much better quality of life than was left for us.

We can have a future where people receive the protection they deserve, through programmes like PAP and STEP, and where they can walk safely down the streets, without fear.

Our future can have a growing economy, driven by a revived agriculture and fisheries sector with ever increasing small businesses and a vibrant creative arts industry. We can have a future with real jobs, meaningful jobs, highly paid jobs which give our young people the opportunities they deserve to enhance themselves.

Our future can be bright and secure, but we have to work for it. It will take experienced, tested leadership that is accountable to you and committed to delivering for you. The People’s Labour Party (PLP) is the only political party of the people, for the people, accountable to the people.

That is why we have entered into our Contract with the People.

This is more than a manifesto, this is more than a promise, this is a plan that can be delivered and will be delivered because you can trust the PLP to deliver for the people.

Our Contract with the People clearly outlines how the PLP will protect the people during our coming term in office. It sets out how we will grow the economy and create more jobs. The PLP will always be accountable to you, the people. Our Contract with the People binds us together as we work to deliver a secure future for you and your family.

If you want a better, secure future, you have to vote for it. A vote for any other party will send you, your finances and your family backwards.

On August 5th vote for your PLP candidate, vote for the saw.

Let’s work together and deliver a secure future for all.

Dr. The Hon. Timothy Harris
Prime Minister
Leader of the People’s Labour Party

Growing The Economy


  • Reducing VAT from 17% to 10% before eliminating it
  • Building out the medicinal cannabis industry, including making licenses and land accessible to traditional cultivators
  • Boosting our tourism product with two new Five Star International Hotel Brands
  • Making trade and travel easier by expanding the terminal at the RLB International Airport
  • Keeping business taxes low
  • Providing incubation spaces to support business start-ups
  • Providing more support for businesses to export
  • Digitising the economy to facilitate more and better online service delivery across the entire public sector
  • Providing a Special Fiscal Incentive Package for existing businesses that choose to open branches in rural areas, in order to stimulate economic activity and the creation of new jobs outside of Basseterre
  • Expanding and supporting the development of the entertainment and creative industries, through the good work of the Ministry of Entertainment.
  • Building the LeClanche solar energy project to drive down energy prices
  • Implementing the Revised National Manufacturing Strategy to help local entrepreneurs develop and market their goods and products.
Protecting The People


  • Increasing the PAP from $500 a month to $1000 a month, from 1st September 2022 and expanding the number of families which benefit from PAP
  • Introducing a child care allowance of $500 for parents making less than $3000 per month
  • Supporting young mothers with an on the job training programme and a free after-hours child care programme
  • Establishing a liveable income of $3000 monthly. Any person making less than this amount will qualify to gain assistance from the government through one of its social safety net programmes, so that each month no worker should have less than $3000 in his/her pocket.
  • Enhancing the Peace Programme so our streets remain safe
  • Constructing 2,000 new homes for young people and lower and middle income families
  • Making GAE workers pensionable, so that you can have a secure future
  • Making public sector STEP workers permanent, giving you greater security
  • Creating a new $5,000 fund for tertiary education expenses so your children can get support towards earning a university education
  • Ensuring that all statutory bodies receive wage increases instituted by government
  • Upgrading healthcare facilities at all hospitals and health centres including by investing in state of the art equipment
  • Ensuring that roads in all housing projects are completely paved and/or repaved
  • Introducing a sustainable plan for slum clearance in Basseterre and rural areas
  • Remaining committed to national health insurance
Creating More Jobs



  • Supporting entrepreneurs and job creators by establishing two new business incubators and launching a structured business mentoring programme
  • Helping young people find jobs by introducing a graduate programme to help recent graduates transition into work
  • Creating more apprenticeships and mentoring programmes for young people
  • Creating construction jobs by modernising and developing our infrastructure and building 2,000 new homes
  • Creating tourism jobs with two new five-star international hotel brands and an expanded terminal at the RLB International Airport
  • Creating more farming and fishing jobs by investing and modernising our agriculture sector including with new fishery facilities in Dieppe Bay, Sandy Point and Palmetto Point.
  • Transforming education to meet modern demands and ensuring our children are equipped to meet the technological needs of traditional and new emerging jobs
  • Creating jobs in sports by investing $10 million to jump start the professionalisation of cricket, football, netball and track and field